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Currently on view Växjö konsthall, Sweden and  University of Raparin, Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan

122 Conversations: Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders

The artwork in the exhibition represents two years of planning and 60 Skype or in ­person interviews involving ten residents from each of the five sister cities, including the mayor of each city. The large ­scale paintings created by Labovitz in her studio are inspired by the spirited interview exchanges. Each of the artworks depict an interpretative vision of the conversations that include faces, words, and descriptions of the experiences that relate to the individuals involved.

Using lightweight, portable materials, the artwork is delivered or hand carried to the venue and assembled for exhibition.  As customs and shipping requirements vary, the work is adapted to the individual venue site and thus provides each city with its unique exhibition. The pieces exemplify embracing cultural differences and methods of communication through its adaptability.  Beginning in September 2015 and continuing through 2018, each city will host a public viewing of the exhibition: Thunder Bay, Canada (Fall 2015); Växjö, Sweden (Early Spring 2017); Petrozavodsk, Russia (Late Spring);  Rania, Iraqi Kurdistan, (Winter 2017 – tentative); Ohara-­Isumi City, Japan (Winter 2018); Duluth (May 2018). Exact dates below.

Included with the exhibition are two oversized artist books of painted pages that will grow as the exhibition travels. New pages will be created collaboratively by visitors and the artist and added to the books.

Coinciding with each exhibition venue will be an artist ­led workshop for those of that city’s area artists and members of the public who wish to participate. Each participant will be invited to contribute to the exhibition by transforming their responses into art pieces that will, in turn, travel with the show as it progresses from each city onto its culminating venue at the Tweed Museum of Art in Duluth. 

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September 10 – October 19, 2015  Thunder Bay Art Gallery, CONCLUDED

An opening event will be held in each city to celebrate the Sister Cities exhibition allowing attendees to engage and view the exhibition. A culmination event will be held in Duluth (2018). Video footage of the Skype interviews, exhibition openings, education seminars and culmination event will be taken and produce into an official video for sponsors and participants.

Video: 122 Conversations: Person to Person, Art Beyond Borders, by Screenwriter Matthew Dressel

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Educational Events

For each city, Anne Labovitz will host educational events virtually or in-person. The artist has previously taught art education programs for children, families, seniors and adults, along with participating in and leading artist talks.


Images from Thunder Bay Exhibition

Collaborative Partners Information

Anne Labovitz

Duluth Sister Cities International, Inc.

Duluth Sister Cities International promotes global understanding through mutual respect and cooperation with cultural, economic and educational endeavors.

Tweed Museum of Art

Tweed Museum of Art, a School of Fine Arts program of University of Minnesota Duluth, functions as an art collecting and teaching institution that promotes learning through collection stewardship, research, and by presenting programs in the visual arts for the University and surrounding communities.

 122 Conversations Project Overview in Japanese

Interview Details, translated